Occupational Health and Safety. Questions About the Canada Labour Code Part II

Did you know that provincial or federal labour laws cover all businesses and organizations, including First Nations organizations?

Who does the Canada Labour Code – Part II cover?

It covers banks, marine shipping, ferry and port services, air transportation (including airports, aerodromes and airlines), railway and road transportation (that involve crossing provincial or international borders), canals, pipelines, tunnels and bridges, telephone, telegraph and cable systems, radio and television broadcasting, grain elevators, feed and seed mills, uranium mining and processing, many First Nation activities, most Federal crown corporations, and private businesses necessary to the implementation of a federal act.

What are the duties of employers?

Canada Labour Code – Part II, Section 124, states that employers have a general obligation or duty to ensure the health and safety of every employee at the work place. In addition, under subsection 125, employers have specific duties that apply to each work place they control and every work activity under their authority that occurs in such work places

What are the duties of employees?

The Canada Labour Code – Part II also places several obligations on employees to help prevent occupational related injuries and diseases. Employees are obligated to take all reasonable and necessary measures to protect their health and safety and those of any other person who may be affected by their work or activities. A work place is known best by the people who work in it. Part II of the Code provides work place parties with a strong role in the identification and resolution of health and safety matters. The Code’s provisions are meant to strengthen the self-reliance of employers and employees to effectively deal with occupational health and safety issues in order to make work places safer.

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