About Jim Fidler

Meet the Health and Safety Instructor

Jim Fidler

Jim Fidler is an Occupational Health and Safety Consultant. He has been retained or consulted for services by federal, provincial and private organizations. Jim derives his knowledge from extensive and varied experiences:


Former Health and Safety Inspector

He is a former Health and Safety Inspector & Labour Affairs Officer.

33 Years Experience

He has 33 and a half years of experience in government ministry, including experience with Employment and Social Development as well as years of experience in health and safety inspections, fire inspections and Labour Code enforcements.

First Nations Experience

He has visited many First Nations in northwestern Ontario where he has completed health, safety and fire inspections.

Consulting since 2004

Jim Fidler has been consulting since 2004 for various organizations.

Who better to teach workplace health and safety than an experienced and qualified former Federal Health and Safety Inspector for Labour Canada (Employment and Social Development Canada)? To find out more about the Canada Labour Code Part II and what organizations it covers visit their website or call 807-627-5657.